spill the beans - Jun 1, 2023

What genre is this? SPILL THE BEANS MAN! DJ mime-boy and DJ goose chase will walk you through a subgenre of rock & rock-adjacent music each week, helping to expand your music catalog. Listen in every Friday to get the weekly rundown on some rad music to help you in your efforts to become a niche super-fan of odd, lesser known music.

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None Of Your Business


None Of Your Business by Salt-N-Pepa

Gettin' Jiggy Wit It

Will Smith

Gettin' Jiggy Wit It by Will Smith

You Be Illin'


You Be Illin' by Run–D.M.C.

Buggin' Out

A Tribe Called Quest

Buggin' Out by A Tribe Called Quest

Ain't No Half-Steppin'

Big Daddy Kane

Ain't No Half-Steppin' by Big Daddy Kane

The Choice Is Yours

Black Sheep

The Choice Is Yours by Black Sheep

Just a Friend

Biz Markie

Just a Friend by Biz Markie

Good Vibrations

Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch

Good Vibrations by Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch



Shoop by Salt-N-Pepa

I Hate 2 Brag

Shaquille O'Neal

I Hate 2 Brag by Shaquille O'Neal

Soul Flower - Remix

The Pharcyde

Soul Flower - Remix by The Pharcyde

Soul Flower

The Pharcyde

Soul Flower by The Pharcyde

Copacabana (At the Copa) - Long Version

Barry Manilow

Copacabana (At the Copa) - Long Version by Barry Manilow