spill the beans - Jun 8, 2023

What genre is this? SPILL THE BEANS MAN! DJ mime-boy and DJ goose chase will walk you through a subgenre of rock & rock-adjacent music each week, helping to expand your music catalog. Listen in every Friday to get the weekly rundown on some rad music to help you in your efforts to become a niche super-fan of odd, lesser known music.

spill the beans cover

Love Hangover

Diana Ross

Love Hangover by Diana Ross


Thomas Mapfumo

Congress by Thomas Mapfumo

You Are My Heart

Rex Williams

You Are My Heart by Rex Williams

Maloba D'amour

Orchestra Super Mazembe

Maloba D'amour by Orchestra Super Mazembe

It's Not Easy


It's Not Easy by Ofege

Few Bana Zambia

Five Revolutions

Few Bana Zambia by Five Revolutions



Bargain by Rob

Cash Wednesday

Skylar Spence

Cash Wednesday by Skylar Spence