spill the beans - Mar 19, 2024

Tune in to spill the beans, where we spill the beans without making a mess! Join our caffeinated crew of hosts as they navigate the wild world of gossip with the grace of a bull in a china shop. Deep diving into difference subgenres, expand your music taste and listen to us stumble our way through episodes (charmingly). Forget your daily dose of drama; we're here to provide the beans you didn't know you needed to spill. So grab your headphones, a cup of your favorite blend, and get ready for a spill-tastic time! It's like a coffee break for your ears, but with extra froth and fewer coffee stains.

spill the beans cover


White Lies

Death by White Lies

Come Back Lina

Joe King Kologbo

Come Back Lina by Joe King Kologbo

Anchin Kfu Ayinkash

Hailu Mergia

Anchin Kfu Ayinkash by Hailu Mergia

Nao Me Deixe So

Vanessa Da Mata

Nao Me Deixe So by Vanessa Da Mata


Amadou & Mariam


Elia y Elizabeth

Alegría by Elia y Elizabeth



Ebenebe by Semi-Colon

Mwitu Mbethi

Kilamambogo Brothers

Mwitu Mbethi by Kilamambogo Brothers

Lagos Sisi

Bola Johnson


Ebo Taylor

Amponsah by Ebo Taylor

Figa De Guiné


Figa De Guiné by Alcione

Khombo Ranga

Elias Maluleke And Mavambe Girls

Khombo Ranga by Elias Maluleke And Mavambe Girls

The Weight - 2000 - Remaster

The Band

The Weight - 2000 - Remaster by The Band