Spreading our Roots - Mar 10, 2023

Spreading Our Roots is a show dedicated to sharing music from the Black Diaspora as well as highlighting smaller artists, Queer artists, and artists local to the Boston area.

Spreading our Roots cover

Cigarettes and Coffee

Otis Redding

Cigarettes and Coffee by Otis Redding

Nai Nai

Donald Byrd

Little Things

Big Thief

The Weight

The Band

The Weight by The Band



Cuyahoga by R.E.M.


Stefan Buchberger

Komm by Stefan Buchberger


Ichiko Aoba

いきのこり●ぼくら by Ichiko Aoba

Iceblink Luck

Cocteau Twins

Iceblink Luck by Cocteau Twins

I'd Rather Be the Moon


I'd Rather Be the Moon by Papooz


Jorge Drexler

Salvapantallas by Jorge Drexler

Tired Of Being Alone

Al Green

Tired Of Being Alone by Al Green

Hermit Crab

disco witch

Hermit Crab by disco witch

Gap in the Clouds

Yellow Days

Gap in the Clouds by Yellow Days