Squirrel Day Radio - Mar 21, 2024

Squirrel Day Radio with DJ Pufferfish and DJ Memow is back on the airwaves, continuing to celebrate a new under-represented and forgotten holiday every week! Listen along to learn about the holiday and its history, and to hear a great mix of new and old cuts to observe the special day.

Squirrel Day Radio cover

Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space


Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space by Spiritualized

Light Years

Kylie Minogue

Light Years by Kylie Minogue


The Comet Is Coming

CODE by The Comet Is Coming

Venus Fly


Venus Fly by Grimes

Space Invader

The National

Super Moon

Garden Centre

Super Moon by Garden Centre


Dreamer Boy

Lightspeed by Dreamer Boy

Cut Your Bangs

Radiator Hospital

Cut Your Bangs by Radiator Hospital

Chaos Space Marine

Black Country, New Road

Chaos Space Marine by Black Country, New Road

Bang Bang


Bang Bang by Momma

Nuclear Seasons

Charli XCX

Nuclear Seasons by Charli XCX



Starfucker by Slayyyter

Bang Bang

Jessie J

Bang Bang by Jessie J

Nai Nai

Donald Byrd