Squirrel Day Radio - Apr 4, 2024

Squirrel Day Radio with DJ Pufferfish and DJ Memow is back on the airwaves, continuing to celebrate a new under-represented and forgotten holiday every week! Listen along to learn about the holiday and its history, and to hear a great mix of new and old cuts to observe the special day.

Squirrel Day Radio cover

기다려준 새벽 (Following Her to No Particular Sunrise)

Della Zyr

기다려준 새벽 (Following Her to No Particular Sunrise) by Della Zyr


Asobi Seksu

Thursday by Asobi Seksu

When Winter Comes Around

The Lemon Twigs

When Winter Comes Around by The Lemon Twigs

yes i have eaten so many lemons yes i am so bitte

bar italia

Orange Luz


Orange Luz by Happyness

Vitamin C


Vitamin C by Can

I See Myself


I See Myself by Geese

In The Bath

Lemon Jelly

In The Bath by Lemon Jelly


Ugly (UK)


Slow Pulp

Yard by Slow Pulp

Car and Freezer

Eiko Ishibashi

Car and Freezer by Eiko Ishibashi

Suddenly I See

KT Tunstall

Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall



orange by CLAY