Squirrel Day Radio - Apr 15, 2024

Squirrel Day Radio with DJ Pufferfish and DJ Memow is back on the airwaves, continuing to celebrate a new under-represented and forgotten holiday every week! Listen along to learn about the holiday and its history, and to hear a great mix of new and old cuts to observe the special day.

Squirrel Day Radio cover

Leaving the City

Joanna Newsom

Leaving the City by Joanna Newsom

Margaritas at the Mall

Purple Mountains

Margaritas at the Mall by Purple Mountains

Broken Biscuits

English Teacher

Broken Biscuits by English Teacher


Alex G

Runner by Alex G

Fountain Glass

Joshua Moshier

Fountain Glass by Joshua Moshier

Sweetest Talk


Sweetest Talk by Habibi


Vampire Weekend

Pravda by Vampire Weekend


English Teacher

Sideboob by English Teacher

King's Lead Hat - 2004 Digital Remaster

Brian Eno

King's Lead Hat - 2004 Digital Remaster by Brian Eno

Enter Laughing


Enter Laughing by Electrelane

The Fields

Nourished by Time

The Fields by Nourished by Time

Daylight Song


Daylight Song by Wu-Lu

Cars And Parties

Edith Frost

Cars And Parties by Edith Frost

Naima - Live

John Coltrane

Naima - Live by John Coltrane