Study Songs with Anam - Mar 26, 2024

Come listen to music that will help with studying- genres will vary from class to class and will help you focus depending on the type of work I'm doing.


Cigarettes After Sex

Heavenly by Cigarettes After Sex

Five String Serenade

Mazzy Star

Five String Serenade by Mazzy Star


Big Thief

Paul by Big Thief

Buddy's Rendezvous

Lana Del Rey

Buddy's Rendezvous by Lana Del Rey

I Know It's Over - 2011 Remastered Version

The Smiths

I Know It's Over - 2011 Remastered Version by The Smiths


Beach House

D.A.R.L.I.N.G by Beach House



Nude by Radiohead

Somewhere Tonight

Beach House

Somewhere Tonight by Beach House

John Wayne

Cigarettes After Sex

John Wayne by Cigarettes After Sex

Blue Light

Mazzy Star

Blue Light by Mazzy Star


Suki Waterhouse

Valentine by Suki Waterhouse

Pale Blue Eyes

The Velvet Underground

Pale Blue Eyes by The Velvet Underground