t3rminal music - Feb 18, 2023

Tune in to t3rminal music with DJ insidjin and DJ compressor for your weekly dose of music discovery. Fill your Fridays with thrill as you listen along to a new genre deep dive each week. muahaha... or else.

Hollywood Baby

100 gecs

Bennington (2007)

John Maus

Bennington (2007) by John Maus


Black Dresses

NO NORMAL by Black Dresses

earth worm

Black Dresses

earth worm by Black Dresses

Porn Mountain

Clarence Clarity

Porn Mountain by Clarence Clarity

Real Bad Job

John Maus

Real Bad Job by John Maus

Concrete Bubble

Black Dresses

Concrete Bubble by Black Dresses

Time To Die

John Maus

Time To Die by John Maus

My sputnik sweetheart


human fly

Lil Ugly Mane

human fly by Lil Ugly Mane

Pangaea Girls (Magic Feeling)

Candy Claws

Pangaea Girls (Magic Feeling) by Candy Claws


Childish Gambino

19.10 by Childish Gambino


Imperial Teen

Ivanka by Imperial Teen

Hung Up On My Baby

Isaac Hayes

Hung Up On My Baby by Isaac Hayes