t3rminal music - Apr 22, 2023

Tune in to t3rminal music with DJ insidjin and DJ compressor for your weekly dose of music discovery. Fill your Fridays with thrill as you listen along to a new genre deep dive each week. muahaha... or else.


Orchestra Baobab

Coumba by Orchestra Baobab

Doggy Style

Mexican Riders

Doggy Style by Mexican Riders

Diariamente - 2005 Digital Remaster;

Marisa Monte

Diariamente - 2005 Digital Remaster; by Marisa Monte

Nao Me Deixe So

Vanessa Da Mata

Nao Me Deixe So by Vanessa Da Mata


The RH Factor

Poetry by The RH Factor


Dave Matthews Band

#41 by Dave Matthews Band



Marceline by Willow

Kisua ki ngui fuá

Artur Nunes

Kisua ki ngui fuá by Artur Nunes

Someway Bi


Someway Bi by M.anifest

Up This Time

Safa Gaw

Up This Time by Safa Gaw

Deixa a Tristeza

Neno Exporta Som

Deixa a Tristeza by Neno Exporta Som

You Really Got a Hold on Me

Percy Sledge


Jorge Drexler

Salvapantallas by Jorge Drexler

Write A List of Things To Look Forward To

Courtney Barnett

Write A List of Things To Look Forward To by Courtney Barnett