The Benjamin Franklin Show - Mar 14, 2024

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Welcome to the official finale of The Benjamin Franklin Show on WRBB 104.9. If you haven't hopped on the wave yet, it is still not too late, but time is ticking. This season we are coming as strong as ever to make sure it is a semester that none of you will forget. Look forward to a blend of genres each week with great conversation sprinkled throughout. Artists range from Alex G to Zelooperz, ensuring that all listeners enjoy their time and hopefully find some new music as well!

The Benjamin Franklin Show cover

Better Days


Better Days by Babyxsosa

Ask Yee

Hype Williams

Ask Yee by Hype Williams


Doon Kanda

Axolotl by Doon Kanda

Peter Pan

Blessed and blushing

Peter Pan by Blessed and blushing

Autonomy (feat. Cooper B. Handy)

Boy Harsher

Autonomy (feat. Cooper B. Handy) by Boy Harsher

White Horse

Florence Sinclair

White Horse by Florence Sinclair

2k24 Tour (feat. Niontay)


2k24 Tour (feat. Niontay) by MIKE

Tea in Bed

Blessed and blushing

Tea in Bed by Blessed and blushing


Pretty V

Ofpruriturhruelejwyeucjdhwjeie by Pretty V

Like That


Like That by Babyxsosa


Angelo De Augustine

Time by Angelo De Augustine


Armand Hammer

Doves by Armand Hammer


Inga Copeland

Allah Uya

Ali Farka Touré

Allah Uya by Ali Farka Touré

*Series of Exits

Cities Aviv

*Series of Exits by Cities Aviv