The Blender - Aug 15, 2023

Tune in to The Blender each week to listen to alternative electronic music paired with thoughts and musings of host and symposiarch Becca Green. Green provides a singular source of truth for all opinions regarding fashion, art, books, concepts, places, states of being.

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Vacation by Computerwife

Evil Dust

New Order

Angel Dust

New Order

Locals (Girls like us) [with gabby start]


Locals (Girls like us) [with gabby start] by underscores



MIA by M.I.A.

D 4 N

Laura Groves

D 4 N by Laura Groves


Fievel Is Glauque

Decoy by Fievel Is Glauque

You Are Every Girl to Me

MJ Lenderman

You Are Every Girl to Me by MJ Lenderman

Sullen Girl

Fiona Apple

Sullen Girl by Fiona Apple