The Dark Forest - Apr 15, 2023

Join the Dungeon Master and the Crypt Keeper as your guides through the mysterious Dark Forest. Experience a different genre each week as you navigate the forest's twists and turns. Avoid the gaze of the trees' eyes, don't stray from the path, and enjoy an hour of curated music, classic and contemporary, on WRBB. Beware the horrors... of the Dark Forest!

The Dark Forest cover

Infin Path

Neggy Gemmy

Infin Path by Neggy Gemmy

Since I Left You

The Avalanches

Since I Left You by The Avalanches

Little Fluffy Clouds

The Orb

Little Fluffy Clouds by The Orb

Carrot Car

Naked Flames

Carrot Car by Naked Flames

Pacific 202

808 State

I Been Young

George Clanton

I Been Young by George Clanton


Neggy Gemmy

California by Neggy Gemmy

We Will Always Love You (feat. Blood Orange)

The Avalanches

We Will Always Love You (feat. Blood Orange) by The Avalanches

Escalators to the Moon


Escalators to the Moon by Bloodbath64


Boards of Canada

Aquarius by Boards of Canada

That Was Just a Dream

Cut Copy

That Was Just a Dream by Cut Copy

Zap Zap

Cut Copy

Zap Zap by Cut Copy