The Dark Forest - Jun 24, 2023

Join the Dungeon Master and the Crypt Keeper as your guides through the mysterious Dark Forest. Experience a different genre each week as you navigate the forest's twists and turns. Avoid the gaze of the trees' eyes, don't stray from the path, and enjoy an hour of curated music, classic and contemporary, on WRBB. Beware the horrors... of the Dark Forest!

The Dark Forest cover


The Taxpayers

Medicines by The Taxpayers

Brave As a Noun


Brave As a Noun by AJJ

Survival Song


Survival Song by AJJ

We were young once

Pat The Bunny

We were young once by Pat The Bunny

O, Pennsyltucky!

Mischief Brew

O, Pennsyltucky! by Mischief Brew

Olde(y) Tyme(y)


Olde(y) Tyme(y) by AJJ

Coffee, God, And Cigarettes

Mischief Brew

Coffee, God, And Cigarettes by Mischief Brew


The Front Bottoms

Flashlight by The Front Bottoms

A Part Of Me (feat. Laura Whiteside)

Neck Deep

A Part Of Me (feat. Laura Whiteside) by Neck Deep

Kiss Off

Violent Femmes

Kiss Off by Violent Femmes

Bad Bad Things

Andrew Jackson Jihad

Bad Bad Things by Andrew Jackson Jihad

No Children

The Mountain Goats

No Children by The Mountain Goats

I'm not a good person

Pat The Bunny

I'm not a good person by Pat The Bunny

Misanthropic Drunken Loner

Days N Daze

Misanthropic Drunken Loner by Days N Daze

I See a Flag

Bryan McPherson

I See a Flag by Bryan McPherson

Future 86

Bomb the Music Industry!

Future 86 by Bomb the Music Industry!

We Are the Hellhounds

The Taxpayers

We Are the Hellhounds by The Taxpayers