The Dark Forest - Nov 4, 2023

Join the Dungeon Master and the Crypt Keeper as your guides through the mysterious Dark Forest. Experience a different genre each week as you navigate the forest's twists and turns. Avoid the gaze of the trees' eyes, don't stray from the path, and enjoy an hour of curated music, classic and contemporary, on WRBB. Beware the horrors... of the Dark Forest!

The Dark Forest cover

The Loom

Bark Psychosis

The Loom by Bark Psychosis

Safe in My Hands


Safe in My Hands by Earwig

Good morning (red)


Good morning (red) by caroline



Tracy by Mogwai

Breadcrumb Trail


Breadcrumb Trail by Slint

Glass Museum


Glass Museum by Tortoise

Sugar Got a Cocaine Heart

Dean Roberts

Sugar Got a Cocaine Heart by Dean Roberts

Footprints In Snow

Disco Inferno

Footprints In Snow by Disco Inferno

New Grass

Talk Talk

New Grass by Talk Talk