The Dark Forest - Feb 3, 2024

Join the Dungeon Master and the Crypt Keeper as your guides through the mysterious Dark Forest. Experience a different genre each week as you navigate the forest's twists and turns. Avoid the gaze of the trees' eyes, don't stray from the path, and enjoy an hour of curated music, classic and contemporary, on WRBB. Beware the horrors... of the Dark Forest!

The Dark Forest cover

Fruitcake and Cookies

Sweet Trip

Fruitcake and Cookies by Sweet Trip

Butterfly Kisses

The Depreciation Guild

Butterfly Kisses by The Depreciation Guild



Caecilia by Fennesz


Shinsei Kamattechan

黒いたまご by Shinsei Kamattechan



Springpour by Watchman

search party

Jane Remover

search party by Jane Remover

The Brazil

They Are Gutting a Body of Water

The Brazil by They Are Gutting a Body of Water

Uncanny long arms (with Jane Remover)


Uncanny long arms (with Jane Remover) by underscores


Katie Dey

Debt by Katie Dey


Katie Dey

(f8) by Katie Dey

Design: 2: 3

Sweet Trip

Design: 2: 3 by Sweet Trip