The Dark Forest - Feb 24, 2024

Join the Dungeon Master and the Crypt Keeper as your guides through the mysterious Dark Forest. Experience a different genre each week as you navigate the forest's twists and turns. Avoid the gaze of the trees' eyes, don't stray from the path, and enjoy an hour of curated music, classic and contemporary, on WRBB. Beware the horrors... of the Dark Forest!

The Dark Forest cover

Fill in the Blank

Car Seat Headrest

Fill in the Blank by Car Seat Headrest

Life Is So Sad

Surface To Air Missive



Flies by Nervus

The Lung

Dinosaur Jr.

The Lung by Dinosaur Jr.

basking in the glow

oso oso

basking in the glow by oso oso

You Know How It Is

Kero Kero Bonito

You Know How It Is by Kero Kero Bonito

New Girl


New Girl by Fresh

The City

Dismemberment Plan

The City by Dismemberment Plan


Car Seat Headrest

Bodys by Car Seat Headrest

Carry the Zero

Built To Spill

Carry the Zero by Built To Spill

You! Me! Dancing! - Remastered

Los Campesinos!

You! Me! Dancing! - Remastered by Los Campesinos!

Lightning by the Sea


Lightning by the Sea by Beshken