The Female Agenda - Mar 7, 2023

Pushing "The Female Agenda," playing your favorite female artists A-Z. High on our list of priorities is playing a mix of female artists in all genres from pop to rap to soul to indie. Tune in and set your agenda for your favorite female artists!

The Female Agenda cover

Take It Easy My Brother Charles

Jorge Ben

Take It Easy My Brother Charles by Jorge Ben

Allah Uya

Ali Farka Touré

Allah Uya by Ali Farka Touré

Everything Counts

Depeche Mode

Everything Counts by Depeche Mode

Your Smiling Face

James Taylor

Your Smiling Face by James Taylor

When I Meet You

Hollow Bastion

When I Meet You by Hollow Bastion



Strokes by Ovlov

Kiss Me In Heaven

The Convenience

Kiss Me In Heaven by The Convenience


the Garifuna Collective

Merua by the Garifuna Collective

Deixa a Tristeza

Neno Exporta Som

Deixa a Tristeza by Neno Exporta Som

Cigarettes and Coffee

Otis Redding

Cigarettes and Coffee by Otis Redding


Orchestra Baobab

Coumba by Orchestra Baobab


Forsaken Autumn

Wallow by Forsaken Autumn

Pork Belly

Bastien Keb

Pork Belly by Bastien Keb

Pride (In The Name Of Love)


Pride (In The Name Of Love) by U2

Chan Chan

Buena Vista Social Club

Chan Chan by Buena Vista Social Club