The Indie Report - Aug 18, 2018

Education / Inspiration

The Indie Report cover

Tripping (feat.Choziah)


The Indie Report Drop

Sista Love

I'm free

Sista Love

Saved by Grace

Malik Jones

Indie Report Dialogue

Snakecharma / Power Chat

You Got What I Need

Biz Markie

No Body Beats The BIz (feat. TJ Swan)

Biz Markie

U All Kno TJ Swan

TJ Swan

Aretha Franklin Tribute

Tea Songbird



Saco De Skunk (feat.Noreaga)

Dj Chubby Chub


Spliff Hunnit

Dear Boston (feat. Ms Aquarius and Prince Rich)

Mann Terror

One In Charge

B Jones

We Fall Get Back Up (feat. Kush)

Skullface Ent.

Million Dolla Flow

BossCity BossUp

The Indie Report Dialogue

Snakecharma and Professor Hoetester

Be Careful How U Ball

Professor Hoetester


Mall G

Tonight (feat. Soulja K)