The Indie Report - Sep 29, 2018

The Indie Report on 104.9FM is where Indie music and great minds collide. The Indie Report highlights great artist and music for industry professionals while celebrating each owns uniqueness.

The Indie Report cover


Spliff Hunnit



Success by Tyshon

Can't Feel No Way

Intl Sho

Dream Dealer

Mark Merren

House Call

Terrell Matheny

House Call by Terrell Matheny

Indie Report Dialogue

Snakecharma and Reggie Dee

Shoot My Shot (feat. London Marlie)


Shoot My Shot (feat. London Marlie) by Bumpman


Black Flam3

Dear Boston (feat. Ms Aquarius and Prince Rich)

Mann Terror

The Indie Report Dialogue

Snakecharma and PJ, D2 & Peanut

Self-Care '18

Red Shaydez

Self-Care '18 by Red Shaydez

Summer Daze (feat. Usual Suspecktz)


Summer Daze (feat. Usual Suspecktz) by G-Eyez

That's My Baby (feat. Fedarro)

Black Flam3

The Indie Report

Snakecharma and Black Flam3


Black Flam3

Zone by Black Flam3

Papi (feat. Dominika Stara)


Chase Currensy (feat. Noel Gourdin)

John Pina

Chase Currensy (feat. Noel Gourdin) by John Pina

U All Kno TJ Swan

TJ Swan