The Indie Report - Oct 27, 2018

The Indie Report on 104.9FM highlights great artist and music from all over the world and holds Power Chats on topics that are effecting our communities in effort to create awareness. Each week Ms Snakecharma shares resources, training, outlets and education for her listeners. Tune In.

The Indie Report cover

Can't Feel No Way

International Show

Can't Feel No Way by International Show



Success by Tyshon

I Got It Bad

Rey Royale

I Got It Bad by Rey Royale

No Take Backs

Marcela Cruz


Frank Vocals

The Indie Report

Snakecharma and TGR

Spin Move (feat. 2 Saint)

International Show

Spin Move (feat. 2 Saint) by International Show

Keep It Coming

Dominka Stara

10-4 (feat. Loyal)


10-4 (feat. Loyal) by TGR

Hood (feat. Osker D)


Hood (feat. Osker D) by T-Spazz

Trippin (feat. Bnb Music Group, Choziah)


Trippin (feat. Bnb Music Group, Choziah) by Tru-L

Mama Prayed (feat. Nyce Franklyn)

International Show

Mama Prayed (feat. Nyce Franklyn) by International Show

The Indie Report

Snakecharma Power Chat: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I Am the Light

C Stacks

We Fall ...Get Back Up (feat. Kush Kalloway)


We Fall ...Get Back Up (feat. Kush Kalloway) by Skullaylo

U All Kno TJ Swan

TJ Swan

Bless Me

Garnet Silk

Bless Me by Garnet Silk

Guide Over Us


Guide Over Us by Sizzla

Come This Way (feat. Dynasty)

DJ Chubby Chub

Come This Way (feat. Dynasty) by DJ Chubby Chub