The People's Aux - Mar 11, 2020

Have you ever struggled to match the mood? Wish you had a song in your back pocket for every possible situation you might encounter? Join Co-hosts Dan and Louis as well as a weekly guest DJ, where they'll offer you their personal curated selection to every scenario life throws at you. Life doesn't stop and neither does the music, so grab your air pods or your aux cord, and let's update that playlist.

Good Day


Good Day by Surfaces

Funky Galileo

Sure Sure

Funky Galileo by Sure Sure


Reliably Bad

Really? by Reliably Bad


Sam Henshaw

To Or Not Let Go


To Or Not Let Go by Washington

Jet Airliner

Steve Miller Band

Jet Airliner by Steve Miller Band


John Lennon

Imagine by John Lennon

Dancing in the Street

Stephen Day

Dancing in the Street by Stephen Day

Empire State of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys)


Empire State of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys) by JAY-Z