The People's Aux - Apr 30, 2021

The People's Aux is back on the air with your favorite hosts - DJs Dan & Louis - and with a whole new format for the new year. This semester we will be bringing you a thoughtfully curated mix of the best new music released each week - our favorite tracks off a handful of brand new albums and EPs. Some of the songs will be from the big names you love, some will be new to you, but all of them will be your new favorites. If it ain't fresh, it ain't here!

See the World

Brett Dennen

See the World by Brett Dennen

Last Minute

Sam MacPhee

Something to Feel Good About

Will Joseph Cook

Something to Feel Good About by Will Joseph Cook


Hong Kong Boyfriend

Sharlene by Hong Kong Boyfriend

Save Your Tears

The Weeknd & Ariana Grande

Save Your Tears by The Weeknd & Ariana Grande


twenty one pilots

Choker by twenty one pilots

Diamond Studded Shoes


Diamond Studded Shoes by Yola

Twin Sister

Johnny Stimson

Twin Sister by Johnny Stimson

Hey Gringo


Hey Gringo by KALEO


Eddie Benjamin

Emotional by Eddie Benjamin