The Punk Chunk - Mar 28, 2023

After somehow not being canceled for the past three and a half years, The Punk Chunk is back again for its 8th semester! Tune in every week to vent all of that angst you've been building up for years to the sounds of a wide range of punk music, including pop punk, ska punk, hardcore, and really whatever other weird music vaguely fits that description.

The Punk Chunk cover

Mona Lisa


Mona Lisa by Bayside

Big Lie

Joyce Manor

Big Lie by Joyce Manor


The Gaslight Anthem

"45" by The Gaslight Anthem

Story of a Lonely Guy


Story of a Lonely Guy by blink-182

Where the Lines Overlap


Where the Lines Overlap by Paramore



Rot by PUP

Little Blue Pills

Jeff Rosenstock

Little Blue Pills by Jeff Rosenstock


The Menzingers

Rodent by The Menzingers

The Patty Hearst Syndrome

Smoke Or Fire

The Patty Hearst Syndrome by Smoke Or Fire

California Uber Alles

Dead Kennedys

California Uber Alles by Dead Kennedys



Nausea by X


Agent Orange

Bloodstains by Agent Orange


Green Day

Scattered by Green Day


The Bouncing Souls

Gasoline by The Bouncing Souls

Such Great Heights

Streetlight Manifesto

Such Great Heights by Streetlight Manifesto

Cheek To Cheek

Louis Armstrong

Cheek To Cheek by Louis Armstrong

I Am My Own Muse

Fall Out Boy

I Am My Own Muse

Fall Out Boy

I Am My Own Muse by Fall Out Boy