The Roberta Roberts Power Hour - Feb 21, 2024

Ewww The Roberta Roberts Power Hour is back and absolutely no one is happy about it. Not Northeastern, not WRBB, not the community - hell - Roberta doesn’t even want to be here. That is why the Power Hour will be welcoming a co-host for its fifth season. DJ Harvey is taking some of Roberta's airtime away (thank god) and will be laying down some hot tracks. Unfortunately, Roberta is gonna be bringing down the vibe with all punk, post-punk, and garage rock nonsense they were spewing all over the airwaves last year. TUNE IN!

The Roberta Roberts Power Hour cover

It's Gonna Be a Long Night


It's Gonna Be a Long Night by Ween

Ever Lovin' Man

The Dirtbombs

Ever Lovin' Man by The Dirtbombs



Alibis by shame

Do the Dramatic

Le Shok

Do the Dramatic by Le Shok

Warm Moving Bodies


Warm Moving Bodies by Units

Out of Sync


Out of Sync by Devo

Easy Afternoon

The Younger Lovers

Easy Afternoon by The Younger Lovers

Just Step S'ways

The Fall

Just Step S'ways by The Fall


Patti Smith

Pumping by Patti Smith

No Girl So Sweet

PJ Harvey

No Girl So Sweet by PJ Harvey

Black Dogs!

Genesis Owusu

Black Dogs! by Genesis Owusu

Dance This Mess Around

The B-52's

Dance This Mess Around by The B-52's

The Comb

The Waitresses

The Comb by The Waitresses

Too Much Junk

The Alley Cats

Too Much Junk by The Alley Cats


Mary Monday

Popgun by Mary Monday

I Live Off You

X-Ray Spex

I Live Off You by X-Ray Spex

Politicians In My Eyes


Politicians In My Eyes by Death