The Roberta Roberts Power Hour - Apr 10, 2024

Ewww The Roberta Roberts Power Hour is back and absolutely no one is happy about it. Not Northeastern, not WRBB, not the community - hell - Roberta doesn’t even want to be here. That is why the Power Hour will be welcoming a co-host for its fifth season. DJ Harvey is taking some of Roberta's airtime away (thank god) and will be laying down some hot tracks. Unfortunately, Roberta is gonna be bringing down the vibe with all punk, post-punk, and garage rock nonsense they were spewing all over the airwaves last year. TUNE IN!

The Roberta Roberts Power Hour cover


Jorge Drexler

Salvapantallas by Jorge Drexler

Our Disease

Victoria Clark

All I Want

The Cure

All I Want by The Cure

Snake Eyes


Snake Eyes by Powerplant

Stay Blessed

Genesis Owusu

Stay Blessed by Genesis Owusu

Gold Standard

Asado Film

Creator (vs. Switch & FreQ Nasty)


Half Bad

White Reaper

Half Bad by White Reaper

Whale City


Whale City by Warmduscher

Futures and Pasts

The Fall

I Want To Help You Ann


Good Things


Good Things by Sleater-Kinney

Beat Your Heart Out

The Zeros

Beat Your Heart Out by The Zeros

Interzone - 2007 Remaster

Joy Division

Interzone - 2007 Remaster by Joy Division

Johnson R. Cool

Mika Miko

Johnson R. Cool by Mika Miko



P.R.D.C.T. by Bratmobile

Malice And Discontent


Malice And Discontent by Frumpies

Black Cat


Black Cat by Broadcast

Matte Kudasai (Alt Intro)

King Crimson

Matte Kudasai (Alt Intro) by King Crimson