The Under - Nov 18, 2019

Take a break in The Under, as DJ Cannons exposes the indie scene of today, broadcasting groups and artists that wish to be more than just a garage band. Listen in to learn the history on these blooming artists, as these stories are too cool to be left unheard.


Z by Z

Concentrate by Z by Z



Suddenly by Drugdealer

Hug All Ur Friends


Hug All Ur Friends by Cavetown

Green Twins

Nick Hakim

Green Twins by Nick Hakim

World Class Cinema

Gus Dapperton

World Class Cinema by Gus Dapperton

Palm Nights

Soft Powers

Palm Nights by Soft Powers

Prune, You Talk Funny

Gus Dapperton

Prune, You Talk Funny by Gus Dapperton



Memory by Pish

King John

Rubber Sun

King John by Rubber Sun


Only Real

Jerk by Only Real

Another One Goes By


Another One Goes By by Mazarin

Super Natural


Super Natural by Turnover

Crazy for Your Love

Johnny Utah

Crazy for Your Love by Johnny Utah

Gutter Girl

Hot Flash Heat Wave

Gutter Girl by Hot Flash Heat Wave