Time to Buy a Truck - Oct 19, 2023

Tune in to "Time to Buy a Truck"! We're going on a deep dive of all things country, folk, or otherwise twang-adjacent. Hardcore indie music listener DJ Cat will be exploring her love of folk on the air as we dig into a blend of new and old artists leaning into the country sound. After just one listen, you'll be ready to buy a cowboy and jump inside your very own pickup truck!



Halfway To Colorado

Samantha McKaige

Halfway To Colorado by Samantha McKaige

The Biggest Lie

Elliott Smith

The Biggest Lie by Elliott Smith

Red Moon

Big Thief


Christian Lee Hutson

Northsiders by Christian Lee Hutson

Alive Twice


Alive Twice by Friendship

Train Under Water

Bright Eyes

Train Under Water by Bright Eyes


Adrianne Lenker

Angels by Adrianne Lenker

Good News

Julien Baker

Good News by Julien Baker



tap by Tomberlin

moses kill


moses kill by Sadurn

april in paris


april in paris by Ther

I'm in a Funk

Franc Moody

I'm in a Funk by Franc Moody