To the Hidden Place - Nov 5, 2023

Come To the Hidden Place, where we will unveil eclectic subgenres of music from around the world and discover societal takes on what "experimental music" means. Listen on air every Sunday for a lively surprise that will expand your music taste and cultural knowledge!

To the Hidden Place cover

Aka to Kuro

Yoshimi Iwasaki

Aka to Kuro by Yoshimi Iwasaki

Rainy Station

Shigeru Suzuki

Rainy Station by Shigeru Suzuki

Weather Report


Weather Report by Fishmans

Ookami ga Yattekita

Arimi Matsuno

Ookami ga Yattekita by Arimi Matsuno

Secret Desire(下心)

Tomoko Aran

Secret Desire(下心) by Tomoko Aran


Taeko Onuki

CARNAVAL by Taeko Onuki

MIDNIGHT PLUS 1 - 2022 Remaster



Minako Yoshida


Junko Ohashi

シンプル・ラブ by Junko Ohashi

Tayorinai Tenshi - Remastered


Tayorinai Tenshi - Remastered by Fishmans


Tijuana Panthers

Creature by Tijuana Panthers