Toad Suburbia - Jul 22, 2023

In toad suburbia, we like to take a break from the conformity of everyday (toad) life with weekly themes that will keep you on your toe-ds. Tune in 12pm on Saturdays for songs that will have suburban toads all across the nation rocking out.

Toad Suburbia cover

Trees and Flowers

Strawberry Switchblade

Trees and Flowers by Strawberry Switchblade

Slide Tackle

Japanese Breakfast

Slide Tackle by Japanese Breakfast


Indigo De Souza

Smoke by Indigo De Souza

Flying (Physical Medium Remix)


Flying (Physical Medium Remix) by Dehd


Neutral Milk Hotel

Unborn by Neutral Milk Hotel

Nefi + Girly

Asobi Seksu

Nefi + Girly by Asobi Seksu

Prove Your Love

Fleetwood Mac

Summer Soft

Stevie Wonder

Summer Soft by Stevie Wonder

Can't Forget

Yo La Tengo

Can't Forget by Yo La Tengo

Lazy Calm

Cocteau Twins

Lazy Calm by Cocteau Twins

Famous Last Words (An Ode to Eaters)

1017 ALYX 9SM, Ethel Cain


feeble little horse

Healing by feeble little horse


Rose McDowall & Shawn Pinchbeck

Bittersweet by Rose McDowall & Shawn Pinchbeck