Toad Suburbia - Jul 29, 2023

In toad suburbia, we like to take a break from the conformity of everyday (toad) life with weekly themes that will keep you on your toe-ds. Tune in Saturdays at 1 for songs that will have suburban toads all across the nation rocking out.

Toad Suburbia cover

Snake Dance

The March Violets

Snake Dance by The March Violets

Dark Entries


Dark Entries by Bauhaus

There Is Nothing Here for You

Scary Black

There Is Nothing Here for You by Scary Black

Eyes (Second Death)

Voodoo Church

Eyes (Second Death) by Voodoo Church

Love You to Death

London After Midnight

Love You to Death by London After Midnight

Bird Song

Lene Lovich

Bird Song by Lene Lovich

Even Blind

Vice Device

Even Blind by Vice Device

Your Funeral


Your Funeral by Prudence

Into The Light

Siouxsie and the Banshees

Into The Light by Siouxsie and the Banshees

Deep Water

Strawberry Switchblade

Deep Water by Strawberry Switchblade

And If You Forget

Christ vs. Warhol

And If You Forget by Christ vs. Warhol

So Unreal

The Creatures

So Unreal by The Creatures