Two Boys with ____ - Sep 23, 2022

The Two Boys radio show, Two Boys with _____, is hosted by two boys who have no personality outside of music. Each week a new guest with a unique perspective on music is brought on, and the two boys use this unique perspective to inform each week's music choices, building on their basis of folk, post punk, pop, and indie music. In between songs, the guests are interviewed on their musical backgrounds and interests.


Laurie Anderson

Classified by Laurie Anderson

Sword of Michael

The Book Club

Sword of Michael by The Book Club

Ice Cream

Jerskin Fendrix

Ice Cream by Jerskin Fendrix

Private Surfer (Puff Fishy Mix) - remix


Private Surfer (Puff Fishy Mix) - remix by UA

Inability to be Stoic (None)

Floating Cloud Music

Inability to be Stoic (None) by Floating Cloud Music

Thesis on Feuerbach

Tiernan & Joscelin

Thesis on Feuerbach by Tiernan & Joscelin


Đorđe Balašević

O, BOŽE by Đorđe Balašević

Thru the Void

Black Dresses

Good morning (red)


Good morning (red) by caroline