Two Boys with ____ - Nov 11, 2022

The Two Boys radio show, Two Boys with _____, is hosted by two boys who have no personality outside of music. Each week a new guest with a unique perspective on music is brought on, and the two boys use this unique perspective to inform each week's music choices, building on their basis of folk, post punk, pop, and indie music. In between songs, the guests are interviewed on their musical backgrounds and interests.


Sweet Trip

Tekka by Sweet Trip

Digital Love

Daft Punk

Digital Love by Daft Punk

Check Your Phone

Cheap Cuts

Check Your Phone by Cheap Cuts



Faceshopping by Sophie

Sad React

Emperor X

Sad React by Emperor X

hot tub TIME Machine

tobi lou

hot tub TIME Machine by tobi lou

England 2


England 2 by Famous

The Cognitive Trade-Off Hypothesis

Viagra Boys

The Cognitive Trade-Off Hypothesis by Viagra Boys


Car Seat Headrest

Hymn by Car Seat Headrest

Mercurial World

Magdalena Bay

Mercurial World by Magdalena Bay


Jean Dawson

Devilish by Jean Dawson

Airport Bar (Remix) [feat. Noah]


Sports Men (2019 Remastering)

Haruomi Hosono

Sports Men (2019 Remastering) by Haruomi Hosono

Heartbreaker (24-Bit Remastered 99) (1999 Digital Remaster)

Pat Benatar

Heartbreaker (24-Bit Remastered 99) (1999 Digital Remaster) by Pat Benatar