Two Boys - Feb 16, 2024

Two Boys. Bad music, worse hosts, and a terrible purpose. Look not beyond the veil of banal nothing, or witness the sublime totality.

Two Boys cover

Can You Get To That


Can You Get To That by Funkadelic

Nao Me Deixe So

Vanessa Da Mata

Nao Me Deixe So by Vanessa Da Mata


Why Bonnie

Galveston by Why Bonnie

The Girl From Ipanema

Stan Getz


Arata Inoue

raindrops by Arata Inoue

Trick of the Light

Jake Stone

Trick of the Light by Jake Stone

I Never Dreamed


I Never Dreamed by Cookies

High And Dry


High And Dry by Radiohead

Curious Hands


Curious Hands by Kuinka

Matte Kudasai (Alt Intro)

King Crimson

Matte Kudasai (Alt Intro) by King Crimson

Naima - Live

John Coltrane

Naima - Live by John Coltrane

Chromakey Dreamcoat

Boards of Canada

Chromakey Dreamcoat by Boards of Canada

Mulher Homem Bicho

Ana Frango Elétrico

Mulher Homem Bicho by Ana Frango Elétrico

Tired of Being Alone

Al Green

Tired of Being Alone by Al Green

Enchanted Mirror

Luiz Bonfá

Enchanted Mirror by Luiz Bonfá