Uncanny Valley - Mar 13, 2019

Welcome to Uncanny Valley, a variety show where all the songs are connected by incidental aspects that aren't necessarily obvious. Perhaps they're all the same length, or contain the same word somewhere in the lyrics, or all have titles that are impossible to pronounce. You never know what you'll find down here...

Nao Esperando

Kirsty MacColl

Nao Esperando by Kirsty MacColl

If I Ever Was a Child


If I Ever Was a Child by Wilco

Brain on Snacks

Katy Rea

Brain on Snacks by Katy Rea

Surprise, Honeycomb

The Wrens

Surprise, Honeycomb by The Wrens



Oahu by Menomena


Sharon Van Etten

Stay by Sharon Van Etten

A Pair of Nines

Scott Hirsch

A Pair of Nines by Scott Hirsch

Generals and Majors


Generals and Majors by XTC

Fat Eggs


Fat Eggs by Rainbrother

Poly Blue

Jessica Pratt

Poly Blue by Jessica Pratt