Uncanny Valley - Apr 3, 2019

Welcome to Uncanny Valley, a variety show where all the songs are connected by incidental aspects that aren't necessarily obvious. Perhaps they're all the same length, or contain the same word somewhere in the lyrics, or all have titles that are impossible to pronounce. You never know what you'll find down here...

Sun’s Coming Down


Sun’s Coming Down by Ought

English Roundabout


English Roundabout by XTC

Out Alee

Hundred Waters

Out Alee by Hundred Waters

The Instrument

Wye Oak

The Instrument by Wye Oak

Spider In The Snow

The Dismemberment Plan

Spider In The Snow by The Dismemberment Plan


Juana Molina

Cosoco by Juana Molina


Big Thief

Haley by Big Thief


Kurt Vile

Mutinies by Kurt Vile

Black Pitch


Black Pitch by Deerhoof


Moses Sumney

Call-to-Arms by Moses Sumney