Uncanny Valley - Apr 10, 2019

Welcome to Uncanny Valley, a variety show where all the songs are connected by incidental aspects that aren't necessarily obvious. Perhaps they're all the same length, or contain the same word somewhere in the lyrics, or all have titles that are impossible to pronounce. You never know what you'll find down here...

Get a Job

Get A Life

Get a Job by Get A Life

Let Me In


Let Me In by Snowmine

Don't Bother Calling

Moses Sumney

Don't Bother Calling by Moses Sumney

Twig Urself

Twig Twig

Twig Urself by Twig Twig

Follow Me Down

Renata Zeiguer

Follow Me Down by Renata Zeiguer

Don't You Evah


Don't You Evah by Spoon

Say Hello

Wye Oak

Say Hello by Wye Oak

Be Good to Them Always

The Books

Be Good to Them Always by The Books

Take It Easy

Archie James Cavanaugh

Take It Easy by Archie James Cavanaugh

Follow My Voice

Julie Byrne

Follow My Voice by Julie Byrne

Blanket Me

Hundred Waters

Blanket Me by Hundred Waters