Up In The Air - Oct 26, 2020

Up In The Air has been running for 2 semesters, and as the name would suggest each session will be unique, with no two broadcasts being the same. The mission of this show is to give undiscovered artists a platform to be heard and showcase just how vast and diverse genres of music can be.

Up In The Air cover

Panic Like Tom


Panic Like Tom by Riscas

Vitamin C

Clean Cut Kid

Vitamin C by Clean Cut Kid

Talk Your Mind


Talk Your Mind by Riscas

Tigerblood (Single Version)


Tigerblood (Single Version) by Vistas

Cheetah Tongue

The Wombats

Cheetah Tongue by The Wombats

Bear Claws

The Academic

Bear Claws by The Academic

Hiding and Seeking

Little Chief

Hiding and Seeking by Little Chief

Too Much Time Together

Sam Cisco


Declan McKenna

Isombard by Declan McKenna

Do It Like You Do


Do It Like You Do by KAWALA

Take My Hand

Secret Nation

Take My Hand by Secret Nation


Thomas Azier

Berlin by Thomas Azier

A Perfect End

Atlas Genius

A Perfect End by Atlas Genius

Turn the Lights Down

Velar Prana

Turn the Lights Down by Velar Prana

I Wanna Get Better


I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers


Nick Leng

Drivers by Nick Leng

Weekend Friend

Goth Babe

Weekend Friend by Goth Babe