Up In The Air - Dec 1, 2020

Up In The Air has been running for 2 semesters, and as the name would suggest each session will be unique, with no two broadcasts being the same. The mission of this show is to give undiscovered artists a platform to be heard and showcase just how vast and diverse genres of music can be.

Up In The Air cover


Day Wave

Drag by Day Wave

High Low

The Unlikely Candidates

High Low by The Unlikely Candidates

Heat Up

Giant Rooks

Heat Up by Giant Rooks

How to Fly

Sticky Fingers

How to Fly by Sticky Fingers

Forever Dumb

Surf Curse

Forever Dumb by Surf Curse

Nothing Lasts


Nothing Lasts by Bedroom



Young by Vacations

Pope Is a Rockstar


Pope Is a Rockstar by SALES


Acid Ghost

Overthinking by Acid Ghost

All Alone

Acid Ghost

All Alone by Acid Ghost

Down the Line

Beach Fossils

Down the Line by Beach Fossils

Sleep Apnea

Beach Fossils

Sleep Apnea by Beach Fossils

Lavender Blood

Fox Academy

Lavender Blood by Fox Academy

Nicotine Dream

Breakup Shoes

Nicotine Dream by Breakup Shoes

What Once Was


What Once Was by Her's

Change Your Mind


Change Your Mind by CASTLEBEAT

Remember That Night?

Sara Kays

Remember That Night? by Sara Kays