UwU Hours - Nov 16, 2022

Join me for UwU Hours every week for handpicked Lofi Hip Hop beats that will help you plow through your work or unwind from a long day. So grab some tea as we explore new and unique tracks that are all certified, cozy-day classics!

UwU Hours cover

Misirlou (The Classic Hits)

Dick Dale

Misirlou (The Classic Hits) by Dick Dale

What's Up?

4 Non Blondes

What's Up? by 4 Non Blondes

My City of Ruins

Bruce Springsteen

My City of Ruins by Bruce Springsteen

Buddy Holly


Buddy Holly by Weezer


Def Leppard

Photograph by Def Leppard

It's Not Over


It's Not Over by Daughtry

One Headlight

The Wallflowers

One Headlight by The Wallflowers


George Harrison

Wah-Wah by George Harrison

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Joy Division

Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division

Take It Back

Pink Floyd

Take It Back by Pink Floyd

Player's Ball


Player's Ball by OutKast

Fall to Pieces

Velvet Revolver

Fall to Pieces by Velvet Revolver

Learn to Fly

Foo Fighters

Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters