Vibe Check - Nov 15, 2022

Need a soundtrack to your life? Look no further than Vibe Check. This show sounds like what a Triscuit tastes like, what it feels to walk down the cheese aisle, or that moment when the Green Line screeches around Boylston. We're curating the sounds of your everyday existence.

Vibe Check cover

Poker Face

Lady Gaga

Poker Face by Lady Gaga

Naked in Manhattan

Chappell Roan

Naked in Manhattan by Chappell Roan

As It Was

Harry Styles

As It Was by Harry Styles



Sober by Lorde


Rina Sawayama

XS by Rina Sawayama

What I Want


What I Want by MUNA

Take a Byte

Janelle Monáe

Annie You Save Me


Annie You Save Me by Graffiti6


Mini Mansions

Vertigo by Mini Mansions


Alexandra Savior

Howl by Alexandra Savior

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Arctic Monkeys

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino by Arctic Monkeys

It's All in Vain (Autoharp Demo)


It's All in Vain (Autoharp Demo) by Wet