Vibe Check - Apr 4, 2023

Need a soundtrack to your life? Look no further than Vibe Check. This show sounds like what a Triscuit tastes like, what it feels to walk down the cheese aisle, or that moment when the Green Line screeches around Boylston. We're curating the sounds of your everyday existence.

Vibe Check cover

Dog Years

Maggie Rogers

Dog Years by Maggie Rogers

Smalltown Boy (Spotify Singles)

Orville Peck

Yippie Ki Yay

Hippo Campus

Yippie Ki Yay by Hippo Campus

Why Can't We Be Friends?

The Academic

Why Can't We Be Friends? by The Academic

Fake Out

Fall Out Boy

Fake Out by Fall Out Boy

The South

John Louis

The South by John Louis

Western Wind

Carly Rae Jepsen

Western Wind by Carly Rae Jepsen


Young the Giant

Simplify by Young the Giant

Ever Had A Little Faith?

Belle and Sebastian

That's Our Lamp


That's Our Lamp by Mitski