Vibes and Virtues - Aug 2, 2023

Vibes and Virtues is the show bringing you the best Indie Rock and Pop while also getting you up to date on what is going on in this oh-so-wild world. Come listen and you'll not only leave informed but with some new tunes.

Vibes and Virtues cover

Best Tears

The Happy Fits

Best Tears by The Happy Fits

I Kissed a Girl, and She Kissed Me

Kid Bloom

I Kissed a Girl, and She Kissed Me by Kid Bloom

its alright :)

Kevin Walkman

its alright :) by Kevin Walkman

Parking Lots


Parking Lots by Plums

Cannibal Queen

Miniature Tigers

The Basement

Lunar Vacation

The Basement by Lunar Vacation

That I Miss You


That I Miss You by Vansire

Slow Dances

Winnetka Bowling League

Slow Dances by Winnetka Bowling League

Out Like a Light

The Honeysticks

Out Like a Light by The Honeysticks

Talk to You

Ricky Montgomery

Talk to You by Ricky Montgomery

Vanilla Curls

Teddy Hyde

Vanilla Curls by Teddy Hyde



THE BOTTOM by Michelle