Waffle Stomp Radio - Jul 22, 2023

Tell your momma to tune in to Waffle Stomp Radio with for 60 minutes of the funkiest and chunkiest tunes, beats, and bops every Saturday. Subject yourself to the antics of DJ Fresco, Senior Citizen, and Funkmaster Flack as we tickle your ear drums and send you into a groove-induced oblivion. You’ll, laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll dance till you die, and most importantly, you'll get funked up. Follow us on IG @waffle.stomp.radio

Waffle Stomp Radio cover

Strike (Holster)

Lil Yachty

Strike (Holster) by Lil Yachty

Arya (feat. A$AP Rocky)


Arya (feat. A$AP Rocky) by Nigo

No More Lies


No More Lies by Thundercat

Looking For Love


I Won't Tell

Baby Rose

I Won't Tell by Baby Rose

scuse me

Charlie Myles

scuse me by Charlie Myles



Hit & Run

tobi lou


Jordan Ward

SIDEKICK by Jordan Ward

Cardboard Box


Cardboard Box by Flo


The Alchemist

No Chain, No Watch

Solo Dolo Brown

No Chain, No Watch by Solo Dolo Brown

E. Coli (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)

The Alchemist

E. Coli (feat. Earl Sweatshirt) by The Alchemist

Johnny P's Caddy

Benny The Butcher

Johnny P's Caddy by Benny The Butcher

They Reminisce over You

Pete Rock

They Reminisce over You by Pete Rock

Chapter Ending (Instrumental)


Tape You


Tape You by N.E.R.D

Graphic Bleed Outs

Quelle Chris

Graphic Bleed Outs by Quelle Chris


The Presidents Of The United States Of America

Lump by The Presidents Of The United States Of America