Waffle Stomp Radio - Apr 1, 2024

Tell your momma to tune in to Waffle Stomp Radio with for 60 minutes of the funkiest and chunkiest tunes, beats, and bops every Sunday. Subject yourself to the antics of DJ Fresco, Senior Citizen, and Funkmaster Flack as we tickle your ear drums and send you into a groove-induced oblivion. You’ll, laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll dance till you die, and most importantly, you'll get funked up. Follow us on IG @waffle.stomp.radio

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Reelin' In The Years

Steely Dan

Reelin' In The Years by Steely Dan



glassheart by speakerhug

High And Dry


High And Dry by Radiohead

Summer Nights

Hazel English

Summer Nights by Hazel English

Detox Island

Diva Sweetly

Detox Island by Diva Sweetly

Underwater Girl

For Tracy Hyde

Underwater Girl by For Tracy Hyde

This Will Be Our Year (Mono Version)

The Zombies

This Will Be Our Year (Mono Version) by The Zombies

Cigarettes And Coffee

Otis Redding

Cigarettes And Coffee by Otis Redding

Orange Sunshine

Growing Pains

Orange Sunshine by Growing Pains

Junior Day League


Junior Day League by Hovvdy

Tell Him

Lauryn Hill

Tell Him by Lauryn Hill

Tapestry from an Asteroid

Sun Ra

Tapestry from an Asteroid by Sun Ra

Nao Me Deixe So

Vanessa Da Mata

Nao Me Deixe So by Vanessa Da Mata

Trick of the Light

Jake Stone

Trick of the Light by Jake Stone

Canary In A Coalmine

The Police

Diariamente - 2005 Digital Remaster;

Marisa Monte

Diariamente - 2005 Digital Remaster; by Marisa Monte

Naima - Live

John Coltrane

Naima - Live by John Coltrane