West of the Wire - Apr 19, 2023

The very best of both modern and classic British export alongside those pushing boundaries in post-punk, indie, shoegaze, post-rock, and alternative rock today. Never compromising and always fresh, West of the Wire brings you both the best of the underground alongside the masters that influenced them for the best rock mix on Boston radio.

West of the Wire cover

Black Milk

Massive Attack

Black Milk by Massive Attack

It Could Be Sweet


It Could Be Sweet by Portishead

Mood Indigo

Charles Mingus

Mood Indigo by Charles Mingus

Directions - Live

Miles Davis

Directions - Live by Miles Davis


卵 by betcover!!


King Krule


Beach House

Dive by Beach House

Other People

Beach House

Other People by Beach House


CHANCE デラソウル

Summer by CHANCE デラソウル