World Wired - Oct 31, 2023

Broaden your musical horizons with World Wired, a show featuring songs from around the globe in languages other than English! Join DJ Pitbull for tunes that will make you the real Mr. World Wide.

World Wired cover

Não Aprendo, Estou Vivo

Miopia Não Tem Cura

Não Aprendo, Estou Vivo by Miopia Não Tem Cura


mei ehara

不確か by mei ehara

Amor em Jacumã

Lucas Santtana

Amor em Jacumã by Lucas Santtana

Langgam Suminem

Mr. Sonjaya

Langgam Suminem by Mr. Sonjaya


Ayub Ogada

Kodhi by Ayub Ogada

Beija Eu - 2004 Digital Remaster;2004 - Remaster;

Marisa Monte

Bibi Mama Gani Mzuri

George Mukabi

Bibi Mama Gani Mzuri by George Mukabi


Caetano Veloso

Sampa by Caetano Veloso


Ichiko Aoba

Pilgrimage by Ichiko Aoba


Kourosh Yaghmaee

Paeez by Kourosh Yaghmaee


Boubacar Traoré

M'Badehou by Boubacar Traoré

Gostar de Ninguém

Alaíde Costa

Gostar de Ninguém by Alaíde Costa


Edú Lobo

Zum-Zum by Edú Lobo