Worm Jerky - Nov 14, 2022

Woah! Never thought I'd see the day they let Worm Jerky be a radio show! Indulge your brain, heart, and ears with some indie folk rock and music of many different types. But don't just take it from this message, try it for yourself!

Worm Jerky cover

To Violet

Adrianne Lenker

To Violet by Adrianne Lenker


The Brazen Youth

Changing by The Brazen Youth

Teaching Me to Paint

Tommy Goodroad

Teaching Me to Paint by Tommy Goodroad



Annie by Skirts

A Better Time to Meet

Adrianne Lenker & Buck Meek

A Better Time to Meet by Adrianne Lenker & Buck Meek

So Much Wine, Merry Christmas

Katy Kirby

So Much Wine, Merry Christmas by Katy Kirby

Bad Man

Alex G

Bad Man by Alex G



Ms by Alt-J

Someone Get the Grill Out of the Rain

MJ Lenderman

Someone Get the Grill Out of the Rain by MJ Lenderman

Bay Of Mexico

The Journeymen

Bay Of Mexico by The Journeymen

Fish Fry

Slaughter Beach, Dog

Fish Fry by Slaughter Beach, Dog



Angelina by Pinegrove


Carla Geneve

Brisbane by Carla Geneve


Max Morton

you by Max Morton


Big Thief

Vegas by Big Thief

Crow Song

Haley Heynderickx/Max García Conover

Crow Song by Haley Heynderickx/Max García Conover