Worm Jerky - Dec 5, 2022

Woah! Never thought I'd see the day they let Worm Jerky be a radio show! Indulge your brain, heart, and ears with some indie folk rock and music of many different types. But don't just take it from this message, try it for yourself!

Worm Jerky cover

To Violet

Adrianne Lenker

To Violet by Adrianne Lenker


Brian Eno

1/1 by Brian Eno

Closed Casket Funeral

Michael Melvin

Closed Casket Funeral by Michael Melvin

Parliament and Celadon

Karima Walker/Katy Kirby

Parliament and Celadon by Karima Walker/Katy Kirby

Heavy Snow


Heavy Snow by Lutalo



alley-oop by Dijon

U (Man Like)

Bon Iver

U (Man Like) by Bon Iver

Dead On The Page

Park National

No Drugs (Amperland, NY)


Playing the Fool

The Lostines

Blue Lightning

Big Thief

Blue Lightning by Big Thief



Loner by Sucré