Worm Jerky - Dec 12, 2022

Woah! Never thought I'd see the day they let Worm Jerky be a radio show! Indulge your brain, heart, and ears with some indie folk rock and music of many different types. But don't just take it from this message, try it for yourself!

Worm Jerky cover

Organ's Drone


Organ's Drone by Florist


Broken Beak

Lucy by Broken Beak

You Are Small

Summer Salt

You Are Small by Summer Salt

One Room

Tanya Davis

One Room by Tanya Davis

Head Alone

Julia Jacklin

Head Alone by Julia Jacklin

blue and red horses

Adrianne Lenker

blue and red horses by Adrianne Lenker

Organs For Oceans

Jordaan Mason & the Horse Museum

Organs For Oceans by Jordaan Mason & the Horse Museum

I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar

Jonathan Richman

I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar by Jonathan Richman

The Weight

The Band

The Weight by The Band

Best Friend

Clifford the Band

Exactly What Nobody Wanted

Jeffrey Lewis & the Voltage

Exactly What Nobody Wanted by Jeffrey Lewis & the Voltage

Simulation Swarm

Big Thief



Medusa by Gems